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Living Sea Sculpture continues to research and innovate art, science, and technology for coral reef restoration.

Current research: Zoe – A Living Sea Sculpture in Cozumel, Mexico.

Solène Jonveaux - Zoe Research Lead Biologist


Solène is a biologist from Bordeaux, France. She studied biology, scientific journalism, and international ecology in France, Scotland, Canada, and Mexico.

She will soon finish her master’s essay in international ecology on Whale shark conservation management.

Solène has participated in coral restoration programs doing construction and design of Acropora coral nurseries, restoration methodology, and project management.

Solène joined the Living Sea Sculpture team in January 2021 to lead the biological research on and around Zoe – A Living Sea Sculpture for the next two years.

Her research will greatly contribute to our understanding of Zoe’s growth and help us develop new methods and designs for coral transplantation and substrate innovation. Volunteers and other dedicated team members are working with her to increase coral coverage and marine biodiversity on Zoe and the area. This work is vital for Living Sea Sculpture designs of the future.

We’re excited and grateful to have her and her expertise on the team!

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Zoe is an electrified artificial coral reef located in Cozumel, Mexico. A DNA-inspired coral refuge. Zoe touched the seafloor on September 28, 2016, and the electricity was started on the 29th. 

This work is made possible by the Zoe Anderson Memorial Fund, Patreon members, coral adoptions, and other private donors.


Measuring, mapping, tagging corals

Solène has begun partitioning Zoe into zones A – F and tagging the coral species on the artificial reef and surrounding areas. 

From the smallest recruits to the older big colonies on Zoe, we are counting, identifying, and giving a specific tag number to each coral colony found on Zoe.
Each coral will then be entered into our database with its specific tag number and location on Zoe. This will allow us to measure their growth and health on the structure through time. 
Thanks to the generosity of Katie Garrison and Patreon members, we have a new specialty Olympus camera dedicated to our coral restoration research. Solène has taken beautiful photos of our 11 coral species for our coral adoptions

Solène has been bringing other divers into the team to assist with tagging corals, documenting, measuring, and preparing our objectives to enhance coral coverage and biodiversity with innovative and ocean safe methods to support endangered coral reef ecosystems. 

Measuring, mapping, tagging corals…

Zone & Colony Images + Data January 2021

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