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Adopt a Porites Astreoides
“Mustard Hill” Coral Species

About Porites astreoides coral species:

Porites astreoides, also known as the Mustard Hill coral, is a flat coral with a hemispherical shape. It is typically a yellow to brown color covered with small bumps.

Life on Zoe:

Porites astreoides are our second most abundant species on Zoe. Being resistant to sedimentation, it essentially grows on the flat platforms of Zoe’s feet, in massive lumps for the biggest and encrusting shape for the youngest. It can come in various colors, but this green-yellowish form is responsible for its common name: Mustard hill coral. It is widespread, being seen mostly in shallow and well-lit water. Many of them are fiercely defended by territorial damselfish or surrounded by urchins. 

Fun fact: 

Characteristics of the Mustard Hill coral include the presence of stinging cells called cnidae, a gut cavity, and a polyp body form. It is a stony coral with a hard calcium carbonate skeleton where the polyps always bear six tentacles. Porites astreoides provide protection and nutrients to the zooxanthellae in the form of waste released by the coral. In return, the zooxanthellae provide photosynthate for energy in the form of amino acids, sugars, and carbohydrates. The photosynthate acquired by the coral is essential for growth and calcification. This symbiotic relationship creates a highly successful base of coral reef environments in which many other animals inhabit.

Mustard Hill Coral Species Symbolic Adoption

Adopt an Agaricia Agaricites "Tan Lettuce-Leaf" Coral Speciesl Certificate of Adoption

You or your gift recipient will receive a certificate of adoption with the name you designate. This certificate will be sent along with the coral image to the email address you provided. You are symbolically adopting one of eleven unique species currently living and being planted on Zoe – A Living Sea Sculpture.

Adopt a Porites Astreoides "Mustard Hill" Coral Species

You or your gift recipient receives a print quality image of the adopted coral species on Zoe – A Living Sea Sculpture. This image will be emailed to the email address you provide. 

Print your image, share it with friends on social media, or use it as your screensaver… Use your image in ways that spark joy in your world to remind you how you’re helping support the conditions for coral reefs to flourish.

Your Symbolic Coral Adoption


Your $25 coral adoption covers two restoration divers’ tanks and materials to cultivate new, healthy coral colonies.

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Porites astreoides - mustard hill coral

About Your Adoption

90% of spending from coral adoptions goes toward paying for tanks, supplies, and on-location activities for the coral restoration team. The remaining 10% goes toward other business and administration fees and expenses.  By making your purchase you acknowledge and agree to our Terms of Sale.

We send you a print-quality adoption certificate and photo of your coral by email to reduce our carbon footprint and enable you to decide how you want to use your images. 

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This is a one-time symbolic adoption of a coral species currently growing on Zoe in Cozumel, Mexico. If you’d like to be a recurring monthly or annual donor at another level, please head over to our Patreon page where our monthly and annual members can sign up to receive private posts and perks from our founder Colleen Flanigan.

Photographs of corals by Zoe biologist Solène Jonveaux with “Zoe research camera” donated by Katie Garrison and Patreon members

Adopt a Porites Astreoides "Mustard Hill" Coral Species
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Porites astreoides, also known as the Mustard Hill coral, is a flat coral with a hemispherical shape. It is typically a yellow to brown color covered with small bumps.

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