Living Sea Sculpture's Coral Adoption

Support Living Sea Sculpture’s efforts to protect and restore corals and coral reef ecosystems.

Symbolic Coral Species Adoptions

Agaricia agaricites | Coral Adoption | Living Sea Sculpture
Agaricia agaricites
Agaricia humilis copyright Living Sea Sculpture 2021
Agaricia humilis
Agaricia tenuifolia
Agaricia tenuifolia
Eusmilia fastigiata copyright Living Sea Sculpture
Eusmilia fastigiata
Favia fragum
Favia fragum
Madracis decactis 2 copyright Living Sea Sculpture 2021
Madracis decactis
Porites astreoides
Porites astreoides
Porites branneri
Porites branneri
Porites divaricata
Porites divaricata
Porites porites 2 copyright Living Sea Sculpture 2021
Porites porites
Siderastrea radians copyright Living Sea Sculpture 2021
Siderastrea radians

About Your Adoption

90% of spending from coral adoptions goes toward paying for tanks, supplies, and on-location activities for the coral restoration team. The remaining 10% goes toward other business and administration fees and expenses.  By making your purchase you acknowledge and agree to our Terms of Sale.

We send you a print-quality adoption certificate and photo of your coral by email to reduce our carbon footprint and enable you to decide how you want to use your images. 

You have the choice to print, use your image as your screensaver or desktop image, share images of your adoption with family and friends on social media, and other creative ways that are meaningful to you. These images are for your personal use only and may not be reproduced for commercial use.  Please see the Terms of Sale for more information. 

This is a one-time symbolic adoption of a coral species currently growing on Zoe in Cozumel, Mexico. If you’d like to be a recurring monthly or annual donor at another level, please head over to our Patreon page where our monthly and annual members can sign up to receive private posts and perks from our founder Colleen Flanigan.

Photographs of corals by Zoe biologist Solène Jonveaux with “Zoe research camera” donated by Katie Garrison and Patreon members

Coral Adoption
Agaricia agaricites 2 logo copy scaled

Coral adoption — Adopt a coral species to help support coral restoration and conservation efforts with Living Sea Sculpture.

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